There once was a team long steeped in mystique,

Who had fallen upon quite a dismal streak,

A decade of losing, a terrible trend,

Looking at times that it ne’er would end.

But then from on high a savior there came,

Who looked to be poised to restore their good name.


A sterling track record and high pedigree,

Had the man from the school whose mascot’s a tree.

Results came quickly, the turn-around swift,

It seemed Mr. Harbaugh brought a paradigm shift.

But after coming so close to winning it all,

His team could do nothing but stumble and fall.


No reason was there for this doleful plight,

The roster was teeming with talent and might,

But week in and week out they found themselves trailing,

Continually faltering, fumbling, and failing.

So no question should remain in San Fran as to why,

The time has come to say “Goodbye.”


Goodbye, Jim Harbaugh, you exuberant goon,

We’re sick of you acting like such a buffoon.

Goodbye as well to your buddy Greg Roman,

Let us hope his departure a positive omen.

Goodbye to the man most people call Kaep,

We certainly won’t miss putting up with your crap.


Goodbye, Vernon Davis, you’ve come a long way,

But you’ve been a non-factor each recent Sunday.

Goodbye, Michael Crabtree, you NFL bust,

With key drops a-plenty your departure’s a must.

Goodbye to the hot-head they call Anquan Boldin,

Your time by the Bay has been anything but golden.

Mike Iupati, Anthony Davis

Goodbye to the “stalwarts” of the offensive line,

Who simply can’t block under any design.

And Goodbye, Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman, and Frank Gore,

You’ve made strong contributions and could likely make more,

But given this franchise’s degree of discord,

Lingering remnants we just can’t afford.


For after getting embarrassed tough decisions must follow,

Or in sullen mediocrity the team will continue to wallow.